What to Do When You’ve Been Served

First – take a deep breath. Yes, it’s upsetting to be served with legal papers. The best divorce or legal separation is going to be difficult and painful. The truth is that there is no way to avoid the emotional hurt that the end of a relationship causes. This is a hurdle like many others that you have already faced in your life. Now it is time to get information and move forward. Second – you have time to make decisions. Do not panic. Definitely do not take any immediate action you will later regret. Avoid threats, ugly voicemail or … Read more

What if We Were Never Married

Allocation of Parental Responsibility (APR) is becoming more and more common in the courts across the country. As society changes, there are more couples who live together or have children without getting married. Upon the breakup of their relationships these couples with children are faced with three issues: 1) Decision Making, 2) Parenting Time and 3) Child Support allocation. In addition, if one parent wants to move because of family ties or economic necessity there is further stress on the family and this issue will need to be addressed. Just as with divorce, the situation can be more complex when … Read more